Renault is preparing a third shift to the factory of Palencia

The factory Villamuriel of Cerrato (Palencia) will be prepared to launch a third shift during the last trimester of this year. Thus, the factory will be ready for more manufacturing load at the end of the year, ready for producing the new Kadjar and other models of the French brand that will be awarded.

March 4, 2015

José Vicente de los Mozos, president of Renault Spain, manufacturing and logistics director of the group and executive committee member of the French insignia, explained yesterday that the plant goes through a “difficult year” because of the absortion of new productions; the said “Kadjar and other models that will be awarded”, such as the new Mégane, although not yet confirmed.

The objective, according to the company and trade unions, is to reach 280,000 manufactured units at the end of the next year, given those 130,000 produced this year. The Palencia factory is currently working with two workshifts to put on sale four versions of Renault Mégane, the best selling car in Spain in 2014.

The Kadjar was the first vehicle of new award that will put on sale from the Villamuriel del Cerrato plant (Palencia) after implementation of the industrial plan. The last Monday, the global president of Renault, Carlos Ghosn, said that the production of the company in Spain is growing thanks to the investment of 600 million euros in the 2014-2016 industrial plan and competitiveness agreement signed with workers in 2012 . Still, Palencia not manufacture the exclusive Kadjar but share production with China.

From the Spanish plant, the cars will be sold to Europe, Turkey, Israel and North Africa. The vehicle has a sales forecast of 118,000 units in 2016, according to the data from the consulting firm IHS Automotive, collected by Automotive News.

De los Mozos also said regarding the Spanish market, " Renault may not be in Spain without being the leader in sales " that is a medium term goal. The target is to achieve sales of 150,000 cars Renault-Dacia in the country this year, " if it becomes reality our forecast of 1.05 million registrations in 2015 ", including cars and commercial, highlighted the president.

The senior manager noted that " sales network is happy " thanks to an average return of 1% in 2014 and " they are committed to the future ". He further stressed that Renault in Spain is profitable.

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